Thursday, 22 May 2014

Attractions around Pahalgam that Leaves You Speechless

India has its own Paradise on Earth. The valley of Kashmir on the Northern part of India is that Paradise on Earth surrounded by snow-capped mountains, tall green trees and pristine lakes.

There was a time when I got bored of travelling to hill stations in India. The same mall roads, crowded shopping joints and coffee and corn stalls could not attract me anymore. But the moment I decided to give up the idea of travelling to hill stations, I got an invitation for a friend’s wedding at Pahalgam. Trust me my first interaction with Pahalgam left me speechless. The confluence of the Lidder and Sheshnag rivers, extensive meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks made Pahalgam look like a painting hung on the walls of my living room. The chirping of birds in the morning and the setting of sun on the mountain peaks in the evening gave birth to a scenic atmosphere that took my breath away. I just could not take my eyes back and enter my friend’s house where the wedding bells were ringing.

That night wedding preparations were going on at my friend’s place, but I was preparing to take a tour around Pahalgam and explore the verdant land as a vagabond. I searched for some top destinations in Pahalgam and came across places like Betaab Valley, Aru Valley and Chandanwari. My trip was short- just for 4 days and so decided not to waste a single moment. Let me share with you the beauty of these destinations that I would love to explore again and again.

Earlier known as Hagan Valley, the place was renamed by locals after the famous Bollywood film Betaab was shot here in 1980s. The place till now remains the most sought after shooting zone by film makers. The pretty view of the valley being cut by Lidder River and green pastures on both sides of its bank makes the region as beautiful as nature can be. As I took a stroll across the valley, the imagination of mall roads immediately disappeared from my eyes.

Aru Valley happens to be the most spectacular locale around Pahalgam. Being an ideal base for trekking and horse riding, the valley attracts loads of leisure seekers and adventure lovers. Sprawling meadows, snow capped peaks and thin lining of Lidder River offers a perfect view of how Pahalgam was half a century back.

Just outside Pahalgam, is the base of Amarnath trek, Chandanwari. I was lucky enough to be there when Amarnath Yatra was not on. It is during this time that the beauty of Chandanwari could be captured clearly. The glacier moraines ran down directly on the road. There are sled operators who took visitors for a ride and exposed them to sprawling beauty of nature. During Amarnath Yatra, Chandanwari turns out to be a mini settlement with innumerable shops, tents and community kitchens catering to thousands of pilgrims.

As I walked through these verdant vales and felt the sprinkling of water over me, I discovered a country which is much different from the India I have always seen. No chores of people, no bustling of vehicles, no fight, no enmity, it is only a simple land where man searches for peace while he interacts with nature and inhale the unpolluted beauty it withholds. If you also wish to spend some precious moments within this Paradise on Earth, then Plan a visit to Pahalgam to discover the hidden beauty of India.

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