Friday, 13 December 2013

Feni, Hammocks, and a Scooty in Goa

Goa lies to the western part of India in a tight embrace with the Arabian Sea. Its pristine beaches and the new-age sporting activities are pulling in tourists from around the globe. Plus, with the tour packages for Goa getting cost-effective (they are cheaper if you are game for a summer or monsoon trip), it is no surprise that even those who never dared to knock at their neighbor’s doors out of social aversion are now packing their trunks and getting their knickers ready for a week-long haul at the sunny and sweet Goa.

Goa has more beaches than you can afford to visit and all of them are super sunny, foamy, scenic, beautiful and all those good words which we reserve for the best beaches. There is nothing more delightful than tying up a hammock and slumping over them with a book in hand. Alternately, you can also put your head down on the lap of your spouse and do some coochie-cooing (Goa is pretty cool about such things as long as you are not crossing your limits).

Fenny is another thing which makes Goa a favorite amongst the young and even the not-so-young. Fenny is a local liquor and can get you high pretty quick. Indulgence is good, but don’t let yourself drown in it, unless you want to waste an entire day in hangover. It is available throughout the state and is also bought as a gift item or a memento to take back home.

A scooty ride in this state is another special thing which will make your day. Goa’s population is low and the small state has some green roads and drive-worthy bylanes to offer. If you are a roadie or a photographer or someone who wants to explore local culture, a scooty ride should be fun.

But there is plenty more to this state. Those badgering me with silly questions like what to do in Goa must keep in mind that there is a potpourri of activities you can do out here. When on beach, just get into the water and bathe or watch others bathing. You are also advised to try snorkeling, banana boating and even parasailing if you wish to experience something out of the world.

Tour for Goa also drops you to Dudhsagar Falls and before the age-old churches where the crickets still chirp and the fathers still preach. The forts, like the likes of Aguada and Chapora, are Facebook-worthy (just click and share) and you can never get enough of the Goan seafood. It’s a shame if you are a veggie!

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