Friday, 4 October 2013

Delhi- Miraculously bestowed street food joint of India!

If the aroma of the delicious food tempts your addiction then in many ways you're like me. of course, I 'am a foodie!

There have been almost hundred of places where I might have been and over a dozen of different foods that have served my taste buds as of now. But, when it comes to Delhi then I personally tend to get more fascinated than any other place. To me, this place is no less than a wonderland that enchants my tastebuds to get more and more of it. Possibly, the rich taste of the authentic Indian cosine has made me die heart fan of this place.

Street food culture has been a boon in Delhi and over here, you get to taste some of the mouth watering dishes that otherwise might just have been your craving. It is quite little good to be honest, but the authentic Muglai cosine over here is irresistibly an amazing treat. The another reason why Delhi is a hub for all the variety of food court is its cosmopolitan nature. As a house for diversified population groups from all round the country, variety of foods from each set of these groups was but certain, obvious. From authentic South Indian cosine to healthy North Indian, the city is nothing but a platterful of variety of dishes to choose from.

Aforementioned, I have a special interest in the food joints of the Delhi, especially that of Mughlai and North Indian one's. And when I 'am emphasizing onto the Mughlai thing, I cannot forget to mention about the Karim's. Since its inception in the year 1913, this very food outlet has now developed into a whole host of food chain that certainly needs no introduction. If your tastebuds crave for something exotic, made of delicate herbs with just the right blend of the meat, then now you know where should you go.Apart from this, there are abundant of various other food joints that serve you a quality food in a setting that will make you feel just perfect. Pind Balluchi is yet another name to be heard about when it comes to something hailing from the North of India. This very restaurant chain hails from the state of Punjab and as the name says, Pind means home/village and Balluchi means kitchen. To be honest, the ambience in the restaurant is carved in such a way that it brings alive a feel of eating in a village of Punjab. With waiters dressed in typical costumes, everything served here will make you an addict to the spices and fiery food.

Well, this was just a briefing about the big retail chains and this is not all that the city of magical charisma, Delhi has to offer. If you're more into some street foods and you like to taste more of everything in a typical way then this will surely enchant your senses. Typically, Old Delhi or the Chandni Chowk is suggested to be the better place for the street foods. Probably, this is the only reason why Chandni Chowk is known as the food capital of India. There is seen a carnival of food everyday and this has been the same since decades now. However, many of the food shops are now with there shutter down but the remaining of them are enough. You can't possibly taste something from each of them and even you managed to do it, I bet you would surely be with your tummy full for making a call for dinner. Now this certainly depicts the richness of the lovingly prepared dishes that serves our tastebuds with a taste that one might crave for.

The parantha walas, halwai's and papdi walas are but natural, few of the finger licking destinations of the Old Delhi where you will take a halt anyways. No matter what, you'll always end up your day with a good burp and the aroma of fine dine resting on your fingertips. Everything over here goes by the saying that good food is like a drug, when you have it, you become an addict.

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