Saturday, 9 March 2013

Unexpected Weekend in Mussoorie

The last weekend getaway to Mussoorie made me feel that getaways are better when unplanned. Unplanned and unexpected, this getaway gave us some nice time which is pretty different from the planned holidays. There are various benefits of living in the capital city of Delhi. The most important of all is that it serves as a gateway to some beautiful destinations in north India. The unplanned trip to Mussoorie was possible only because of its close proximity to Delhi. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to visit this beautiful hill station in such a way.

Since we were not aware of the roads and driving by our own, we stared early in the morning. Travelling with friends often proves to be the best part of my journey as it helps in passing the time during the journey. Otherwise, it turns out to be quite boring for me. The up-hill ride was indeed nauseating and we finally reached the famous Mall Road. After searching a few hotels, we took two rooms in a hotel located at the heart of Mall Road. Spending some time in the hotel, we set out to explore the Mall Road. The whole road is lined with plenty of shops and showrooms with displays ranging from garments to handicraft items, antique pieces of art to souvenirs. We first did a window shopping to know about the rates and all. Like other markets in India, bargaining in this market was on the cards. Though we didn’t buy many things, but the beautiful handmade items which we bought were some of the priciest possessions. The perfection in the hands of the artisans was really incredible.

The next morning, we set out to explore the other locations of Mussoorie. While on our way to Kempty Falls, the most popular destinations in Mussoorie, we stopped at a view point. The lines of cars resting near the spot made us aware of its importance. We captured the panoramic view of the hills from the view point on the lenses of the camera. We did click some photographs in the traditional dress there. Reaching the destination, we got to know that the ropeway leads to the falls. Though the journey on the ropeway was not a long one, but we did enjoy a lot. The cascading waterfalls with the cool breeze offer a pleasant environment. Spending some hours we left the place and visited some temples and gardens. The tourist influx to this place could be well-noticed in the long lines of cars and buses making you travel on the roads in snail’s speed.

The hub of all activities, Delhi is has lots of tourist attractions and serves as a starting point to other destinations in India. So, better travel to Delhi and avail the tour packages which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Delhi and other famous places.

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