Thursday, 28 February 2013

Panoramic Hill Station set amidst Aravalli Range

An oasis in the desert of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is nestled on the Aravalli ranges. The only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is full of surprises. This city owes the cool climate to the rich flora covering the entire hillside. It includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs. This beautiful tourist destination reflects a blend of Rajasthan’s culture and natural resources.

A visit to this part was on my list of travel destinations for quite some time. The beauty of a place is more enchanting when experienced by your own. So, I decided to explore this hill station. The road leading to this hill station of Rajasthan is a curved one characterized by arid regions dotted with huge rocks with varied shapes. Located at a height of several hundred meters above the sea level, Mount Abu is blessed with lush green forests, lakes, natural resources, forts, palaces, temples etc.

Besides being a traveler’s delight, it beckons the adventure enthusiasts and the pilgrims. This city has an array of shrines which are associated with the religious legends. The nationally acclaimed Dilwara Temples are beautifully carved with marble. This group of temples attracts not only the religious people but also the tourists. Enclosed inside the fort there are various Jain temples built in the 14th century. It includes Achaleswar Mahadev Temple and Kantinath Temple.

The pleasant weather and the greenery all around Mount Abu create a beautiful aura in the place. Visiting this place during the summers is a perfect way to beat the scorching heat of the sun. I just fell in love with the place. It has a fist full of attractions and a delight to the travelers. The well nurtured flora makes Mount Abu a unique place to visit in Rajasthan. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary houses varied species of animals, birds and reptiles. It’s a great opportunity for the tourists to see a wide variety of wildlife at a single place and serves as a great destination for the naturalists. The Nakki Lake situated in this part of the region displays a beautiful landscape. Around half a mile long and quarter a mile wide, this lake is surrounded by swaying trees of date palm and green hills. People visit this lake in large numbers which offers a beautiful view when the sun sets behind the lake. The sun set is really a worth watching and a picture perfect image.

The pleasure gained by visiting and exploring some of the forts and palaces in Mount Abu was beyond my expectations. The grandeur and scintillating beauty of those captured my mind completely. Though I explored many of the destinations, I will make sure to make one more visit to this fascinating hill station in India.

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