Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Museums in Delhi with Different Flavors

Museums in Delhi unveil the glorious past of Delhi in particular and India in general through various arts and crafts, ancient manuscripts, historical relics, arms and ammunitions etc. These museums basically store various records of the past and the present through different ways. It can be termed as a storehouse of information and knowledge.

If you are on a holiday in Delhi and wanted to know about the cultural heritage of Delhi, the special museums in Delhi will serve your purpose. These special museums have certain specialty of its own and displays Delhi’s cultural heritage in different ways. A delightful open air museum, Crafts Museum in Delhi displays India’s rich tradition of handicrafts. It houses a magnanimous and permanent collection of around twenty thousand items of both folk and traditional art, crafts and textiles. Amidst the rustic surroundings of a typical Indian village, the craftsmen from various regions of India also display their exhibits. It is a nice platform for the skilled artist to display their work and skill.

An absolute paradise for the children, the Dolls Museum in Delhi has a collection of largest variety of dolls in the world. Located at Bahadur Shah Jafar Marg, the varieties of doll exhibits amuse the people of different ages. It not only houses costume dolls of India but also from different parts of the globe. This enthralling experience takes the tourist down the memory lane with a laden of nostalgic moments. The blissful beauty of the museum represents a world at peace with visual harmony. If you a want a different kind of flavor of Indian heritage, visit to the National Rail Museum in Delhi will surely excite you. It is spread across ten acres of land with both indoor and outdoor space for the exhibits and is a popular tourist destination. It focuses on the rail heritage of India with varied display of original engines, coaches and other items related to trains. A toy train ride inside the museum premises is a wonderful experience.

National Gallery of Modern Art portrays various facets of Indian painting. It is a celebration of India’s art and culture and showcases the transition that took place in the field of art in the last several years. It preserves some of the oldest works which dates back to 1857. This National Gallery of Modern Art consist a collection of more than fourteen thousand works of many famous personalities. Located at the end of Rajpath, this center of artifacts attracts millions of art lovers to this place. For those interested in history, a visit to the Archaeological Museum will led them to enjoy a lot in midst of variety of items. It comprises the excavated materials of various dynasties. Situated at the historic Red Fort, it exhibits items like coins, jewelries, seals, potteries, costumes, calligraphy, weapons, maps etc.

Visit to these different types of museums will give you varied types of experiences.

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