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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Most Stunning Gateways into Kerala’s Backwaters

Perfectly nestled between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala stands out as the most exotic holiday destination in Asia and abroad. The misty mountains and unending azure sea bordered by swaying palm trees make Kerala an enchanting land of scenic beauty. Apart from these, span of tranquil backwaters are a major attraction of the state. One of the best ways to explore the mesmerizing panorama of Kerala is to embark on a houseboat that moves on the backwaters and takes you close to marine life, local villages, paddy fields and forests. To plan your backwater trip better, we have listed some of the famous gateways to Kerala backwaters.

Alleppey Backwaters: Also known as the “Venice of the East”, Alleppey is one of the famous backwater gateways of Kerala around the Vembanad Lake. Most of the backwater cruises begin or end here. A lot of canals, lagoons and waterways surrounding Alleppey make it an ideal backwater gateway. While cruising here, you get to enjoy stunning sight of lush paddy fields, banana and palm trees and lively marine creatures. Sunset cruise, overnight stay and day houseboat trips are organized to provide a mesmerizing view of the state at all point of time of the day.

Kumarakom Backwaters: Kumarakom is an example of an ideal archipelago spread over the eastern range of the Vembanad Lake. Take a day cruise from Alleppey to Kumarakom and spend a romantic luxury night in one of the luxury resorts located on the heart of Kumarakom backwaters. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, home to several local and migratory birds is a nature lover’s paradise. The Siberian stork is the most distinctive bird species found here. Innumerable canals, streams and distributaries are the most unusual yet beautiful features of this backwater destination.

Kollam Backwaters: Ashtamudi Lake is the most significant natural body that forms the Kollam backwaters and offers an incredible view of the entire surrounding. This is the second largest lake in Kerala and backwaters here are less crowded as compared to Alleppey and Kumarakom. Houseboat cruise through this lake is the best way the local villages and its daily activities like toddy tapping, prawn and fish farming, coir making and rice- boat building. Explore the unspoilt beauty of this heavenly retreat like never before.

Kozhikode Backwaters: The backwaters around Kozhikode are less popular and hence less touristy. But it is the less crowded trait of the backwaters here that add to the beauty of the region. Hire a houseboat and travel through one of the prettiest routes encompassing Canoly Canal, Kallai River and Elathur. This backwater ride even takes you to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, comprising of a group of small islands, the meeting point of Kadalundi River and Arabian Sea. You get to enjoy some of the relaxed moments of life amidst more than 200 species of native and migratory birds.

Backwaters, a natural network of waterways, lagoons and lakes running parallel to the Kerala coastline are the most panoramic sights to be witnessed here. A backwater cruise amidst the colorful surrounding and fresh breeze lead to promisingly great and unforgettable experience of a lifetime

Monday, 23 June 2014

Beat the Summers with these Spectacular Waterfalls of India

Heat waves of scorching summers have already entered your living room and its time you pack your bags and travel to destinations that offer you some respite. The vast Indian landscape is blessed with an array of breathtaking water bodies which not only adds to the ethereal beauty of the country, but also offers utter respite and solace to worldwide tourists. If you are not that interested in sea shores and rivers, then I have something different to offer you from my bucket. Why not soothe your soul by spending some cool comfortable moments around a waterfall? Go through this list of India’s most spectacular waterfalls and simply rejuvenate your senses.

Dudhsagar waterfalls: You all might know Goa for its sun soaked beaches and late night parties. What you might forget is that Western Ghats is blessed with some of the most beautiful spots of India. One such heavenly and picturesque destination is Dudhsagar waterfalls in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Collem, Goa. Literally meaning “Sea of milk”, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in India descending like an ocean of milk from a lofty height of around 600m. Due to continuous fall of water and surrounding green tropical forest, the climate here remains comparatively pleasant and meets the expectation of your respite seeking mood. Hire a local taxi from Goa or take a jeep to reach this scenic watery destination. Though the slippery rocks make it a perilous place, yet trekkers go crazy because of the surrounding greenery and cool climate. Take a break from humid summers and revitalize yourself with the sprinkle of the gushing waters.

Athirapally waterfalls: Not less picturesque than the “Niagara Falls of America”, the Athirapally waterfalls have been nicknamed aptly as the “Niagara Falls of India”. Located in Thrissur, Kerala, the gigantic waterfalls evolved as a must visit destination for tourists. In fact this is another natural wonder of Kerala apart from its golden beaches and romantic backwaters. It is located on Chalakudy River near Vazhachal Forest with the tall green tree covered Western Ghats at the backdrop. A magical sight of kids diving into the water, local fishermen catching fish and green trees swaying with the tune of nature will leave you spellbound. Its overall beautiful setting has influenced a lot of Bollywood producers to shoot romantic songs of their films here. So what are you thinking of? Come to Kerala, stay at decent resorts near the falls and just beat the heat like never before.

Iruppu waterfalls: India’s Coffee Country, Coorg, is blessed with some of the exquisite beauties of nature. One such beauty is the Iruppu waterfalls located in the south of Coorg in the Brahmagiri hill ranges and close to Nagarhole National Park. The Lakshmana Tirtha River originates from this falls and plunges amidst the green mountains to create a spectacular sight to stare at.

Apart from the mountain ranges, these majestic waterfalls of India have been a traveler’s delight since ages. If you also wish to enjoy a glance of these natural wonders, pack your bags and come to India and enjoy a trip to remember for years to come.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Attractions around Pahalgam that Leaves You Speechless

India has its own Paradise on Earth. The valley of Kashmir on the Northern part of India is that Paradise on Earth surrounded by snow-capped mountains, tall green trees and pristine lakes.

There was a time when I got bored of travelling to hill stations in India. The same mall roads, crowded shopping joints and coffee and corn stalls could not attract me anymore. But the moment I decided to give up the idea of travelling to hill stations, I got an invitation for a friend’s wedding at Pahalgam. Trust me my first interaction with Pahalgam left me speechless. The confluence of the Lidder and Sheshnag rivers, extensive meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks made Pahalgam look like a painting hung on the walls of my living room. The chirping of birds in the morning and the setting of sun on the mountain peaks in the evening gave birth to a scenic atmosphere that took my breath away. I just could not take my eyes back and enter my friend’s house where the wedding bells were ringing.

That night wedding preparations were going on at my friend’s place, but I was preparing to take a tour around Pahalgam and explore the verdant land as a vagabond. I searched for some top destinations in Pahalgam and came across places like Betaab Valley, Aru Valley and Chandanwari. My trip was short- just for 4 days and so decided not to waste a single moment. Let me share with you the beauty of these destinations that I would love to explore again and again.

Earlier known as Hagan Valley, the place was renamed by locals after the famous Bollywood film Betaab was shot here in 1980s. The place till now remains the most sought after shooting zone by film makers. The pretty view of the valley being cut by Lidder River and green pastures on both sides of its bank makes the region as beautiful as nature can be. As I took a stroll across the valley, the imagination of mall roads immediately disappeared from my eyes.

Aru Valley happens to be the most spectacular locale around Pahalgam. Being an ideal base for trekking and horse riding, the valley attracts loads of leisure seekers and adventure lovers. Sprawling meadows, snow capped peaks and thin lining of Lidder River offers a perfect view of how Pahalgam was half a century back.

Just outside Pahalgam, is the base of Amarnath trek, Chandanwari. I was lucky enough to be there when Amarnath Yatra was not on. It is during this time that the beauty of Chandanwari could be captured clearly. The glacier moraines ran down directly on the road. There are sled operators who took visitors for a ride and exposed them to sprawling beauty of nature. During Amarnath Yatra, Chandanwari turns out to be a mini settlement with innumerable shops, tents and community kitchens catering to thousands of pilgrims.

As I walked through these verdant vales and felt the sprinkling of water over me, I discovered a country which is much different from the India I have always seen. No chores of people, no bustling of vehicles, no fight, no enmity, it is only a simple land where man searches for peace while he interacts with nature and inhale the unpolluted beauty it withholds. If you also wish to spend some precious moments within this Paradise on Earth, then Plan a visit to Pahalgam to discover the hidden beauty of India.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Four Scenic Beaches of South Goa

Life is not just a holiday, but much beyond it. Life is search for beauty and tranquility, love and togetherness and interaction with the nature. And all these can be found in a holiday destination where azure sea punctuates with clear sky, white sand shines with sunrise and life gets a new meaning with late night parties and lone evening walk. When I describe nature with such touching adjectives, I mean to talk about only one place, Goa, more specifically South Goa.

The beaches of South Goa are not as crowded as those of the north. Instead their less crowded look adds up to their beauty and extravagance. Not exactly a party goer’s destination, South Goa is for those who want to experience the silent part of life devoid of the daily hustle bustle. A relaxed sit on the golden beaches relieves you of all your tensions. Dip into the deep blue sea provides with lifetime refreshment in the extreme vicinity of nature.

Benaulim beach is just a 25 minutes drive from Panjim and offers a completely different world altogether. Water sport activities, dolphin sightseeing trips and laid back sand stretches are what Benaulim is decked up with. Its proximity to Colva beach does not entertain the influx of tourists, and what makes Benaulim more pristine and serene. The beach is all yours. If you do not want to engage in water sports, then simply lie down on the sand, soak off in the sun and enjoy the graciousness of nature. The beach is well known for fishing activities and interestingly you can enjoy an array of delicious sea food preparations. Though undiscovered by Indian tourists, a lot of foreigners flock here to enjoy their extended vacation on Indian beaches.

Another scenic destination in South Goa is Palolem, decorated by soft sand and tall palm trees. The beach is 27 miles drive from Margao and has recently emerged as one of the most gorgeous and rocking beaches of Goa. As the popularity of Palolem is one the rise, more visitors are flocking in every season to enjoy the beauty of the region. A wide variety of budget and luxury hotels along with coco huts never leaves a traveler homeless. If you are in search of a rich nightlife sipping your favorite wine, then head to the southern edge of the beach. An array of bars will serve the drink of your choice.

Very close to Palolem is Patnem beach, which is more secluded and less noisy as compared to Palolem. Nestled between some two cliffs, it offers a picturesque natural setting where you can go close to the nature and keep all your worries miles away. Though nightlife facilities are less common here, a range of luxurious resorts offer a comfortable stay altogether.

Varca beach is where you can find an array of luxury resorts. Classical performances, live music and casinos will cheer you up like a freaky traveler. Relax on the beach and enjoy fishing activities and watch the sun immersing into the sea water.

Be it your family vacation or honeymoon or a bachelor’s party for that matter, South Goa should be included in your holiday destinations’ list. So, next time you visit India, never miss out on this happening and picturesque beach destination of India.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Discover Delhi Free of Cost

You must have heard a lot that planning a vacation in India’s capital, Delhi, is going to pinch your pocket hard. But apart from the pub culture and fine dining dinner, the capital has a lot to offer you at a much affordable expense. Wander through the arches of India Gate, visit Jama Masjid and discover the religious personality inside you, explore the crannies of Hauz Khas Village and take a stroll over the sprawling green grass of Lodhi Gardens and entertain yourself without shelling much from your pocket.

The most loved public space of Delhi, India Gate remains surrounded by picnicking visitors, photographers, and ice-cream and chaat vendors. To get the best view of this British Architecture, plan a visit early in the morning during sunrise or in the evening during sunset. Wet your feet in the pool beside the site while paying tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who lost their lives during WW1.

The onion- shaped domes of Jama Masjid synchronizes pretty well with the red sandstone and white marbles. Without shelling a rupee you can enjoy the magnificent site of flocks of pigeons and the grandeur of this prettiest Mughal-era mosque in India. Reach up to the southern minaret of Jama Masjid and I am sure you will be taken aback by the bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.

The most affordable happening destination of Delhi happens to be Hauz Khas Village. Take the iron gate of the village and you will reach to another era of the Tughlaq Dynasty. The clear water reservoir along with the tomb of Feroz Shah Tuglaq is where you can use your camera the most. Walk across the garden located on the bank of the reservoir and if you want to fill your stomach, then there are a lot of street food joints much cheaper than those AC multi-cuisine dining.

One of the lesser known historical sites of Delhi is Lodhi Gardens. Located in Central Delhi, this sprawling green land is dotted with bridges, mosques and tombs built by the Sayyid and Lodhi Dynasties. You will come across several well- reserved pre- Mughal architectures like octagonal tombs of Muhamad Shah Sayyid and Sikandar Lodhi. A lot of joggers, strollers and photographers will come across you while you might get surprised to see the country’s politician walking by your side. So doesn’t it sound interesting to discover the pride of Indian history free of cost?

I am sure now you will come out of the notion of expensive Delhi trip and step in to check out for the economical site of India’s capital. It won’t leave you dishearten but will surprise you with the beauty you can ever unfold.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pocket-friendly Shoppers’ Stops In Delhi

Women are usually misbranded as shopaholics. Not going into the battle of sexes, let’s accept it, males flock shopping malls and arcades too. Some shop, others help their better halves in carrying shopping bags. I am not an avid shopper, I love one-stop joints where I can get everything under the same roof. Delhi has these amazing open-air shopping places which sell everything under the sun at economical rates.

Dilli Haat: I’ll start with my favorite. Located in south Delhi, this open-air market is haven of handloom and handicrafts. Sprawling over 6 acres, stalls with thatched roofs give you a traditional Indian village feel. I call it a mini India. On the backdrop of rural ambiance, the haat is dotted with kiosks selling handicrafts and cuisine from every Indian state. Dress materials and ready made ethnic garments — salwar kameez, kurtis, saris, skirts, shawls are mostly sold here along with pottery, carpets, mats, cutlery from different regions of the country. I usually buy dupattas and skirts from here, while mom concentrates on saris. The food kiosks sell exclusive dishes typical of every state. . Lovely bangles, earrings, funky neck pieces wristlets and toe rings grace the jewellery stores.I usually stay back to see cultural programme which include folk music and dance from different corners of India. This one’s a must visit for all.

Sarojini Nagar: For western wear, this one’s my choice. Bustling with urban population, this market is dotted with countless small and big kiosks selling designer clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and junkies! Be it ethnic or western wear, you’ll get everything here. Being a no-make up girl, I love good clothes! Thronged by thousands of college goers, this market also sells branded wardrobes rejected due to negligible manufacturing disorders. Tees, capris, skirts, scarfs, short and long dresses are seen in plenty. You just need to make the right pick. Coming to footwear, classy boots to stilettos and slip-ons are a rage here.Babu Market close to it sells delectable sweets, which sees a lot of foodies with sweet tooth!

Chandni Chowk: Soaked in Old Delhi charm, Chandni Chowk close to Red Fort sells electronic goods, gorgeous ethnic wear and silver jewellery. I fall among those boring females who like light colors, hence wardrobe classics here aren’t for me. But, I get to see enormous people including tourists stacking their shopping bags with bright saris and ghagras (ethnic long skirts with bright embroidery) and sherwanis for males. Saris that females in television soaps and films flaunt, are available here at very cheap rates. Tangy chaats, kebabs, paranthas, sweets specially jalebis, kulfi are among the most wanted must eats. Authentic silver ornaments at Dariba Kalan here, are my buys.

Lajpat Nagar: The shops at Lajpat Nagar look like a kaleidoscope of Indian culture. One of the busiest markets in Delhi, kurtis are a hit here. Mehendiwalas get a lot of customers who love applying henna designs on their hand. These skilled artists come up with stunning designs at jet speed.

Quality items at extremely affordable rates can also be spotted in Paharganj, Khan Market and Janpath. I pick up quite a few home decor items from these places. Test your bargaining skills here to avoid overspending. Style is all about carrying yourself well in whatever you’re wearing, be it from an international brand or roadside stall.Brighten up your weekends by picking up your favorite stuffs from these places — Shoplifting at amazingly low cost!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Feni, Hammocks, and a Scooty in Goa

Goa lies to the western part of India in a tight embrace with the Arabian Sea. Its pristine beaches and the new-age sporting activities are pulling in tourists from around the globe. Plus, with the tour packages for Goa getting cost-effective (they are cheaper if you are game for a summer or monsoon trip), it is no surprise that even those who never dared to knock at their neighbor’s doors out of social aversion are now packing their trunks and getting their knickers ready for a week-long haul at the sunny and sweet Goa.

Goa has more beaches than you can afford to visit and all of them are super sunny, foamy, scenic, beautiful and all those good words which we reserve for the best beaches. There is nothing more delightful than tying up a hammock and slumping over them with a book in hand. Alternately, you can also put your head down on the lap of your spouse and do some coochie-cooing (Goa is pretty cool about such things as long as you are not crossing your limits).

Fenny is another thing which makes Goa a favorite amongst the young and even the not-so-young. Fenny is a local liquor and can get you high pretty quick. Indulgence is good, but don’t let yourself drown in it, unless you want to waste an entire day in hangover. It is available throughout the state and is also bought as a gift item or a memento to take back home.

A scooty ride in this state is another special thing which will make your day. Goa’s population is low and the small state has some green roads and drive-worthy bylanes to offer. If you are a roadie or a photographer or someone who wants to explore local culture, a scooty ride should be fun.

But there is plenty more to this state. Those badgering me with silly questions like what to do in Goa must keep in mind that there is a potpourri of activities you can do out here. When on beach, just get into the water and bathe or watch others bathing. You are also advised to try snorkeling, banana boating and even parasailing if you wish to experience something out of the world.

Tour for Goa also drops you to Dudhsagar Falls and before the age-old churches where the crickets still chirp and the fathers still preach. The forts, like the likes of Aguada and Chapora, are Facebook-worthy (just click and share) and you can never get enough of the Goan seafood. It’s a shame if you are a veggie!